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Earn up to $200/Sale throughout our sales funnel

Introducing The QOI Skincare:
Dark Circles Eliminator

Let's help people get rid of those dark spots, dark circles and THE tirING LOOK from around their eyes!

Reasons Why You Should Promote Our Product...

  • We have high quality landing pages set in place to keep the audience engaged.

  • We pay a 50% commission throughout our funnel which can help you earn up to $218 per sale.

  • We have multiple Sales Funnel offers to choose from.

  • Demographics: Female: 65% Male: 35%
    Age range: 25 - 55. Targeting: USA, CA, & UK + The rest of the world

  • Free shipping on all United States Orders. All International orders, $14.95 flat-rate shipping fee.

  • We offer a 60-Day Iron Clad Guarantee. This makes visitors feel at ease and are more likely to convert.

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    Affiliate Terms & Conditions:

      Please aways be sure to abide to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products.  Any affiliate caught breaking any of these terms will be banned/blacklisted immediately without hesitation, and will not be eligible for reinstatement.

    • Affiliates are NOT permitted to use ANY before and after photos or user testimonials in their promotions and campaigns.

    • Affiliate are strictly forbidden from creating webpages, social media post, social media pages or any account that falsely represent themselves as the creator of the Dark Circles Eliminator or Qoi Skincare.

    • Don't use any terminology in ads or landing pages that are similar or like "scam" or "fraud". Do not make any customer incentives for visitors to purchase our product through 3rd party bonus offers or any cash rebates.  

    • Affiliates are not allows to bypass our landing pages to generate orders directly. We don't allow direct linking to our shopping carts or checkout pages.

    • Affiliates are not allowed to promote out products on retail websites such as Amazon, ebay, Craigslist, classified ads or any retail platform.

    • Do Not send spam or use any safe list.

    • Do Not do any cookie stuffing.

    • Do Not make any False endorsements. 

    • Do Not use any negative marketing strategies! Don't make non-positive reviews or scam promotions to attacks clicks.